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Thiry Commercial is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage serving South Central PA.   As Broker of Record for Thiry Commercial, John Thiry, CCIM facilitates a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions including commercial/industrial investment properties, apartment buildings and land.

Commercial Brokerage

John’s role as a real estate broker is to assist investors in the acquisition, development and disposition of real estate.  No matter which phase of a commercial real estate transaction you may be in, you can, and should be represented by a Realtor© and CCIM.  Our team has the training and local market experience to ensure that not only will you achieve your immediate requirements, but that you will optimize your real estate assets.

Mission Statement

Thiry Commercial helps companies and investors align their real estate assets with their business goals.  From acquisition to disposition, we provide an effective mix of market knowledge and analytics to help optimize the real estate component of our client’s business.

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It is my pleasure to recommend John Thiry as a commercial real estate agent for your real estate needs. I found John to be a highly attentive agent who returned all my emails and telephone calls the same business day. He is also personable with an engaging personality. I had a initial meeting with John and I noticed he took diligent notes regarding my needs. He showed a very high level of contract negotiations and came up with a deal that suited our needs perfectly.

Scott Underwood, C.B. Dombach & Sons

Made my day !!!!   Thank you for all your help in guiding this to a successful conclusion. Frank and Tom have expressed to me how helpful you have been to them from the very beginning, and also a pleasure to work with !  We certainly will avail ourselves of your services should the need arise in the future.

James Apple, President, Butter-Krust – a Sara Lee Company

I had a difficult warehouse to sell during a very problematic market. Hundreds of similar properties were for sale and most were in better shape or closer to highways or rail service. The property was only successfully sold due to representation by John Thiry. I had listed the property previously with another major commercial broker, so I had a good benchmark to compare marketing. John perused every venue and responded to all enquiries immediately. He is beyond competent as well as being honest, energetic and clear. He was also excellent at negotiation, once we finally found two interested parties, and these two put him through his paces too.  There were environmental questions raised by an old gas tank and John helped us find the best environmental engineer in the area and go through the long process of getting final sign off from the State. The sale only went through after we guaranteed a clean site by escrowing necessary funds. Even though approval was received years after the sale was complete, John pitched in and was instrumental in getting our escrow money released. I was so lucky to find John Thiry and I recommend him without any reservations.

David Leavitt, Investor

I wanted to say thanks for the exceptional work you’ve done on our behalf as you negotiated our lease renewal with Federal Realty Investment Trust.  The extensive research you conducted prior to commencing lease negotiations provided us with a solid background upon which we could base our expectations and negotiations.

Having personally conducted our own lease renewal negotiations the last time around, I felt that both my personal stress level and the final outcome would be better served by using a skilled professional such as you.  You did not let us down!  You tactfully tempered the emotional response we often felt during these extended and challenging negotiations with a difficult leasing agent.  I have no doubt that the terms of our lease renewal are much more favorable that what I could have personally obtained.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this process.  Your keen eye detected several pitfalls in the landlord’s offers – thanks for navigating us around them!  We are happy to be able to continue operating our business in this location and appreciate the favorable terms you were able to obtain.

It has been a pleasure working together with you.  Thanks!

Jim Bowe, Owner, Postal Connections

John’s market knowledge and technical approach to our investment property sale was reassuring.  We had confidence that his analysis of our lease with the tenant and his asset valuation provided us with the information we needed to act.  John expertly managed each step of the transaction – Success!

J. Kevin Heinly, Principal

John did an outstanding job servicing my (office) acquisition.  I would seek John out again given the opportunity.  Thank you.

Leo Skladany, Skladany Valuation

I greatly appreciate John’s attentiveness and quick response time.  He knew our business’s needs and contacted us about a new property that would be a good fit…and it is!  Thanks for all your work John!

Robin Ashby, Eventis Group LLC

Broker in your corner!  John’s influence on the success of our flagship location in Lancaster can’t be overstated.  From site selection to lease negotiation to his aggressive advocacy for our best interests – I wouldn’t want to have tackled that project without Thiry.  Since then, he is our go to Broker for any real estate move we pursue.

Corey Fogarty, Federal Taphouse

John Thiry was able to find a buyer for our difficult-to-market commercial property after our prior broker had been unable to do so. The property had significant environmental issues. We are not local sellers, and even though the sale had closed, John followed up on our behalf and doggedly got the necessary work done and the escrow payments finally released. This was above and beyond what we expected. I highly recommend John Thiry for any commercial real estate transaction.

Jack Rosenfeld, Private Investor

John did a wonderful job helping me find a home for my new medical practice! His advice regarding the lease and the negotiations was well needed. He personalized his search and really listened to my requirements. I would definitely contact him again if need be. Thanks!!

Dr. L. Butler

Working with John and his team is a pleasure.  We recently purchased assets of a business and spent a several month window looking for the best location.  John was tireless in exploring all available options.  He was quick to bring opportunities and was responsive when we identified an opportunity that we wanted to explore.  I truly felt through-out the process that the recommendations that he made were in our best interest vs. best for his personal agenda.  That is too rare in business.  We finally opted to lease a current facility and purchased a lot on which we are going to build for the future.  John was patient and helpful through all of it.  We will look for his continued support as part of our team as we move forward.

Crystal Dohner, Dilly Artisan Foods

John is top notch in this field!  We had a property for 11 years, and 4 realtors later we found John.  He got it sold for us in a timely manner.  He stayed in communication with us the whole time.  I sum realtors up in 2 categories:  Fisherman and Hunters.  Fisherman put their sign out for bait, and wait…Hunters go out and find what they are looking for.  John did just that, he networked and found our buyer.  Very professional and courteous.  If you need a commercial property sold, look no further.  John is your man!

Jim Jackman, Silverwood Cabinetry

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